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Boeing 737-200
FAA Icing Certification of Hush Kit,
Aft Flap Modifications


This program was for FAA icing certification of a Stage III hush kit installation on a Boeing 737-200, and engineering development of an aft flap modification to reduce drag and improve cruise fuel consumption. Alligator had responsibility for all aspects of test equipment installation and data acquisition for the program, involving 96+ channel pressure scanning, digital, analog, low-speed and video data acquisition.


USAF KC-135 icing tanker shot from cockpit of Boeing 737 test airplane


Instrumented Lear Jet preparing to calibrate the icing plume


Ice build-up on 737 engine inlet (ice is dyed yellow)


Icing on engine pylon and wing leading edge


Icing measurement fence and lines marked on engine inlet prior to test


Flap angle visual measurement jig allows fine adjustment of flap angles in flight


Flap angle jig and airflow-visualization tufts


Aileron and aileron trim tab angle visual measurement jig



Video camera and lens de-fogger for videotaping ice formations during icing tests


Camera pod installed on underside of wing


Strip-A-Tube installation for measuring chord-wise pressure distributions


Port locations drilled into Strip-A-Tube


Boeing's approach to instrumented flight testing


Alligator's approach to instrumented flight testing


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