Aircraft Management

Alligator has significant experience in all phases of aircraft and test program management. We can provide management, maintenance and pilot services.

We have leased and operated a large variety of jet and propeller aircraft over the years, and understand the requirements of all types of airplane operation. President Ron Renz is a licensed and current ATP pilot rated in a large number of different aircraft. He is personally involved in all aspects of the airplane management side of the company's operations.

Aircraft Leasing Services

Alligator can arrange for (or assist you in) the leasing or purchasing of airplanes with which to perform flight testing programs. We have over 25 years experience in managing, operating or leasing jet and propeller aircraft. We can assist in the selection and location of a particular airplane, having access to a number of sources that we have developed and worked with over the years.

Aircraft Operations

We can assist with, manage, or provide all aspects of the airplane operations requirements. At our facility on the Lawrence, KS airport (KLWC) we can operate up to the larger mid-size business jet airplanes (i.e. Hawker 800/1000, Falcon 20/50). For larger aircraft such as transport category jets, we contract for logistics and support services with numerous facilities, appropriate to the overall program requirements. We have our own A&P mechanic on staff that takes care of the maintenance management of the airplanes that we are responsible for.