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Learjet 35A
Simulator Model Development

This was an FAA Level C simulator flight test program. It involved gathering data in flight to generate the model as well as gathering data needed to certify the simulator to FAA AC120-40B standards. Alligator had total responsibility for all aspects of aircraft management, equipment installation, modification of the test airplane, flight test and ground crew, and data acquisition (96 analog channels, ARINC 429 interface, 100 sample/sec. acquisition rate). (November 1995)


Ron (third from left) with test aircraft at the Lawrence airport


Learjet 35A ready for flight testing


Alligator-developed pilot force control measurement system, force wheel and force pedals


String potentiometers for measuring control wheel and rudder pedal positions


String pot for measuring rudder position


String pot for measuring horiz. stabilizer position


Alligator's data acquisition system in the Lear


Aircraft on jacks for weight and gear cycling measurements


Sunset landing -- all in a day's work!


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