Alligator's Data Acquisition System

Alligator has a capable and proven data acquisition system available for flight test programs. It has been developed over a 23 year period, and is continually being improved and upgraded. The system is based around a distributed processing PC-compatible computer architecture. This allows it to be easily tailored to the varying requirements of any flight test program.

Alligator's data system meets or exceeds all the FAA requirements for accuracy, data rate, and parameters capable of being measured. It has been used for programs to certificate both aircraft and aircraft simulators, as well as for research and development programs. Calibration is always kept current and is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Overall capabilities of our system:

  • 96 analog channels (expandable to 132)
  • 16 bit resolution (1 part in 65535)
  • 40 digital input channels (on-off type)
  • 3-D space positioning and flight guidance
  • 5 @ 16 bit counter timer channels
  • 4 ARINC 429 channels
  • Up to 100 samples/second recording rate
  • Real-time engineering units display
  • Real-time cockpit display.

Alligator has tapped into and recorded virtually every type of parameter that is required for airplane testing. Some of the more specialized systems that we have measured are listed below. We have available all of these specialized systems for use during any flight test program:

  • Airflow angles (angle of attack and sideslip)
  • Engine FADEC computer signals
  • Multi-port pressure scanners for wing pressure survey (Scanivalve)
  • Del Norte Distance Measuring System (provides precise 3-dimensional airplane positioning, and includes capability to provide flight guidance)
  • GPS interfaces

Filtering and signal conditioning are provided for all channels. The system is easily tailored to changing requirements, allowing it to be rapidly adapted to the changing needs of flight testing.