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British Aerospace BAE-800
Simulator Model Development


This was an FAA Level C simulator flight test program, which included gathering data in flight to generate the model as well as gather the data needed to certify the simulator to FAA AC120-40B standards. Alligator had total responsibility for all aspects of aircraft management, equipment installation, modification of the test airplane, flight test and ground crew, and data acquisition (96 analog channels, ARINC 429 interface, 100 sample/sec. acquisition rate). (June through September 1992 & November 1992 through April 1993)


Preparing to ferry test aircraft from Chicago to Lawrence for flight testing


Calibrating specially-made force wheel with known weight values


Force wheel installed in cockpit


Throttle and airbrake lever controls fitted with string potentiometer position sensors


String pot located to measure elevator position


Calibrating elevator trim tab positions


Special scale used to calibrate rudder trim tab


Vanes fitted to nose probe for angle of attack and side-slip measurement


Towing a trailing static cone to calibrate aircraft pitot-static system


Removing test equipment wiring at the end of the job!


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